J.J. Murray


It all started at a tiny 50 watt radio station in . . .

Cue WKRP TV Show theme: Got kind of tired packin’ and unpackin’
Town to town, up and down the dial.

Here’s the 411.

I have spent over 30 years of playing in this enchanted radio sandbox.  Had the good fortune to live and work in some pretty cool places from Ontario to B.C. and . . . even managed to put a few U-Haul owner’s and long distance moving company’s kids thru college.

Music is passion number one.  Love country, rock, blues, jazz and everything in between. Experiencing live concerts and festivals are on this year’s “must do and see” list. Exploring the great outdoors, hiking, swimming, cycling and skiing run a close second.  Add summer BBQ-ing, winter sledding and {all season} hot-tubbing to the mix, and you can call this a well-balanced lifestyle.

It’s a privilege to join the River Country team as Program Director and Morning Show host. Rest assured, I am social media friendly and will invest the time to respond to all texts, DM’s & e-mails and, if it’s still a thing, the occasional phone call. (Hey, does anyone dial in to make a request anymore)?

Back to WKRP theme: Just maybe think of me once in awhile.