Winter Crocs????

Technically Summer doesnt officially end until September 22, 2021. I understand business, especially e-commerce, shift their seasonal focus early to try and get a jump in sales and give customers what they want for when they need it. With that being said, I came across an add on my social media that really startled me……WINTER CROCS???? 

This advertisement was guaranteed real as it came from a business I have purchased shoes from before, but really? Crocs….made for winter???? I just can’t wrap my head around it. The shoes, can I even call them shoes?, have made a resurgence lately as they turn you into a walking meme if you own a pair. Nothing wrong with that. Harmless and really not annoying, I once owned a pair of Mickey Mouse Crocs back in my elementary school days. But why winter Crocs??

From the looks of it, the design will surely keep your feet warm in lower temperatures, but did they take into consideration the areas like Northern Alberta that recieve harsher winters? To me it looks like past a certain temperature the rubber of the Croc will harden to the point where it is a hockey puck and would just cause you to slide around any time you make a move. I might be wrong though, maybe Crocs has their stuff together and have though it through. I certainly won’t be tempted to order a pair and I would love to meet anyone crazy enough to do it.