The return of Nokia’s “Brick” phone

You may not know that Nokia is actually an electronics brand out of Finland but I think most will remember the Nokia 3610 which made its debut in the year 2001.

This “Brick” , seen above, is subject to many internet memes and videos pinpointing the devices durability. It literally was impossible to break withought using major force or tools!! 

This ancient relic is making a return in the year 2021 to celebrate 20 years since the original. Nokia has given the phone upgrades and I’m hoping it still has a “Brick” like quality. Below is a chart showing  modern changes to the phone and a look at the camera side of the device.


If my soul didnt belong to Apple, I think my money would be well spent getting the new Nokia 6310. Hopefully it still holds all of the past glories but with a modern twist. Maybe one day I’ll get sick of owning a smartphone and make the nostalgic switch.

-Calvin Hector