Straws for Applause!

I feel really strongly about this one. I definitely prefer drinking drinks through a straw. I mean…if I have to I will drink a drink normally but when given the choice I will always go with a straw. I will even go into a fancy restaurant and ask for a straw…just because I want one. I think it makes drinking a drink better and easier and it’s kinda fun. Especially when you go into all the customization options like bendy straws, flavours straws, and so much more…but that is beside the point.

The reason this question popped into my head was that Canada is working on getting rid of single-use plastics. This means that my favourite invention, the straw, will be dying. Well, at least the more optimal version of it. Paper straws are a thing but they are nowhere near as good as plastic straws…I don’t want pulp in my pop. That should be only for orange juice.

On KIX FM 69% of people prefer straws and 31% didn’t. Whereas in River Country 91% preferred straws and 9% didn’t.

Based on these results the people love straws! I am going to assume that these results are not including paper straws because…no. This is awesome news. Every restaurant should now make it the standard to start serving every drink with a straw…although I’m not sure how much sway this blog has in the restaurant industry…I sure will try my darndest to make my dream a reality!

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-Jared Gomes