Rising Stars Headliner Interview – Jessica Towler


This weekends headliner on Rising Stars was Jessica Towler. Jessica is from southern Ontario and has had her music featured on the program before with “Sunday Girl.” This weekend her featured track is “I Don’t Like Your Boyfriend” a song that is based on her real life dislike for a friends bad choice in men, and has a very Taylor Swift-ish feel to it. That is a fitting thing as Taylor is one of Jessica’s biggest inspirations and Jessica along with a few other artists did a Taylor Swift tribute show that was a massive hit.

This new song is co-written with Jessie T, whose music has been played on the show before as well, and as mentioned is about her friends questionable taste in men. Their is a funny story about how the friend found out about the song when Jessica played it live, as well as the friend actually appearing the music video.

Check out my conversation to find out more about Jessica Towler and her new song:


Here is the music video that was mentioned:


– Everett