Movie Monday Mentions: Knock at the Cabin

An M. Night Shyamalan Movie with no twist…or was that the twist the entire time…what are you playing at shyamalamalan?

M. Night Shyamalan has been known for doing giant twists in his movies in the past but this is not one of them. Knock at the Cabin does exactly what it sets out to do and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The movie follows Andrew, Eric and their daughter as they are confronted by these four strangers who interrupt their vacation. They force this family to make a choice of sacrificing one of their own to save the world or letting the world die and walk what is left as the last remnants of humanity. Of course, at first, they don’t believe them. As time goes on new revelations are made and opinions might change.

I thought the movie explored some interesting concepts, I mean if someone interrupted my vacation on told me to sacrifice someone to save the world I feel like I would also have a hard time believing them. Even if it does turn out to be true. The interesting thing though this movie is that we don’t know these four strangers until they show up and knock at the cabin. Whether or not their story is true is unknown and we end up trying to figure it out along with the characters.

This movie pitches itself as a spooky movie but I wouldn’t say it is necessarily horror. There are some dark themes talked about but no obnoxious jump scares or anything like that.

The movie kept me engaged the entire time as I wanted to see what would happen next. Like I said previously there is nothing overtly spectacular either. I felt it was a good movie so if you are interested in seeing more and getting a basic idea of what this is all about you can check out the trailer below.


-Jared Gomes