Interesting Information about Unnecessary Inventions

You may or may not have heard of this Youtube channel called unnecessary inventions. If you haven’t well, the guy who runs it makes…unnecessary inventions. Usually, something that has an interesting purpose but isn’t really practical. It’s more so there for the novelty.

I love this channel because for each new contraption gadget or invention he comes up with he usually does a little sales pitch to show it off and sometimes gives you a behind-the-scenes look at everything he did to create it.

The video that he posted recently though is very interesting. In it, he compares some people that have made inventions similar to his and touches on how the whole patenting process works. As well as how knockoffs can happen so rapidly.

Yeah, so, who knew that even after acquiring a patent it is not a “be all end all” for an invention discussion. But of course, he is based out of the States and each country has different rules regarding this kind of thing. Either way, hope you learned something new today!

-Jared Gomes