Indoors Vs. Outdoors

Yesterday we had just come back from a nice weekend so I thought that it only fitting to see where everyone likes to spend their time. In our area, there are a lot of great outdoor activities to take part in. especially now with everything starting to open up. More and more people are now getting out and doing things. So, are you one of those people or do you prefer to stay inside. or third option do you do a little bit of both.

Personally, I prefer the indoors. Now before you say “Jared you don’t like the outdoors? there is so much great stuff to do out there.”

I don’t hate the outdoors I enjoy it and yes there are a lot of great things but I like the indoors more. First of all, you can make the temperature whatever you want so I can have it a bit cooler and snuggle up in a blanket in bed. I can watch some movies play games read books at any time thanks to the lighting and all because of the technology that is available inside. Also, I don’t have to deal with pesky allergies which probably is my biggest reason. Now, what did you guys think?

Over on KIX FM turns out no one agrees with me we had 67% of people say that a little bit of indoors and outdoors is the way to go. Which was the majority of people. So, you know, I guess the old saying of moderation is true. Then 33% of people said that the outdoors was their favourite place.

Over on River Country, I had 20% of people agree with me in saying that the indoors is the best place to be. Yes! now that my opinion is validated we can move on. It was actually a tie on the other two categories so we have a lot of nature lovers and then some that favour both.

Overall it seems that people like to just spend time wherever…you know, I thought that this poll would give me a better idea of where people spend their time, but it turns out we’re all just human and enjoys a bit of everything. Which hey! Can’t blame you for that! Live your best life! Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or a little of both!

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You can answer today’s question here: on KIX FM or on RIVER COUNTRY

-Jared Gomes