Fruits or Veggies?


As the title says, which one is better fruits or veggies? When we are younger are always told to eat our fruits and veggies. Out of the two, one has to be better, right? Well, the poll results will show the answer to that question is, yes. I started thinking about them the other day as I was talking to a friend about VeggieTales…you know as you do. I slowly started to realize that most of the veggies in VeggieTales are actually fruits. My childhood is a lie. Although that is not the point of this, it just got me thinking about which one is better.

In River Country, it was unanimously fruit. Then on KIX FM, we had 86% of people say fruits and 14% say veggies. So, overall fruits are our clear winner. I wonder why? is it because fruits tend to be nature candy-sweet and juicy like blueberries or watermelon. Probably.

My pick out of the two is not surprising I went with fruits. My reason is they taste good. If I see Brussels sprouts and a banana on the table I am picking the banana. It’s not like I don’t like vegetables I feel like you just have to put a lot more work into them to get them to taste great. If you do that though they can turn out amazing. Oven-baked asparagus is so good, and steamed vegetables are my favourite. Fruits have the convenience factor working for them you can just walk into the woods, grab some berries, and eat them. On this day I feel like convenience has won!

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-Jared Gomes