Duck Lessons


The Internet is a magical place filled with so many things to find and recently I stumbled upon this YouTube channel called
seducktive (which is I think the best name that they could have chosen) houses a bunch of videos all about Wrinkle the duck and his adventures.

Sometimes you just need a good pick me up and what better than some videos of a duck. Wrinkle the duck has done a lot of things, he has run a marathon, and even travelled around to different iconic businesses. All of his talents have been showcased on Tik Tok and Youtube. His videos are sure to put a smile on your face and may even quack you up.

The one I stumbled upon was an educational video about how to handle a duck. More specifically how to pick one up. When I say educational I mean informative and comedic…which I think is the perfect kind of education. There are three parts to this video but they have done even more since.

If you found this awesome (which of course you did) make sure to check out there other videos on Wrinkle the duck you won’t be put in a fowl mood.

-Jared Gomes