Cold Road Director Kelvin Redvers Talks His New Movie


The independent action packed thriller from Dene filmmaker Kelvin Redvers known as Cold Road has been popping up in select theatres over the past few weeks. This weekend it will be appearing for a week at River City Cinema in Peace River for at least a week, while it can currently be seen in High Prairie.

The movie stars Métis/Cree actress Rosanne Supernault, who hails from the Lake Atikameg First Nation in the Treaty 8 territory in Alberta as an Indigenous woman traveling with her dog on a frozen remote northern highway to visit her ailing mother. When they are hunted by a mysterious stranger in a semi truck – she has no choice but to fight for her life.

I got to speak with the Writer/Director/Producer of the film Kelvin Redvers about his film and where the idea came from as well as the importance of telling an Indigenous story with Indigenous actors, especially as he is  as well as discussing the ideas of potential cultural appropriation with films like the Oscar nominated Killers of the Flower Moon.

*Since the interview took place the IMDB score has gone up to 7.7/10

Check out the full conversation I had with the director:


Here is the trailer for you to enjoy:


– Everett