Arguing with Family

I’m a rather opinionated guy, and sometimes that can get me in trouble with people online. Unfortunately for me, it also leads to arguments with family too. Now, I’m blessed to have a family that is pretty accepting of me despite my flaws. Sometimes though, I say something which just gets me in trouble with them. The other day I tweeted something my little sister didn’t agree with, and so she texted me about it, and we had a long conversation about it. The nice thing about family is that even though in the end we still don’t agree, at least we both now understand each other, and we still love each other. We were able to calmly discuss it, and come to an understanding. I’ve lost friends for way less, so it’s nice to know that even when one of us makes a mistake, or says something we disagree with, we can still forgive each other, and move forward.

It’s nice to get called out like that sometimes too, because I’ll be honest that I definitely need to learn to express myself better online, but I’m definitely working on that. It helps when I get the opportunity to talk it out, and work through things together with loved ones.