Williams says government working to amend budget so province can maintain funding during pandemic

Peace River MLA, Dan Williams is in Edmonton with his colleagues.

The province is looking to pass a motion that will speed up the passing of budget legislation needed for front-line healthcare spending to combat COVID-19.

On Sunday, the province announced $500 million in new funding for healthcare workers for the testing, surveillance and treatment of patients.

Williams stresses that the government is taking this pandemic very seriously.

“We are considering, not just the economic and social impact, but most importantly, the health of the most vulnerable,” says Williams.

He adds that while this is a unique situation, he suggests not panicking.

“Where, and when we can, we have to continue to live our lives as Albertans,” states Williams, who says he will still be attending the legislature.

“We are going to continue to sit; we are going to continue passing the budget. I am going to go to question period today, tomorrow, and throughout this week and do my job as a legislator, as I was elected to do.”

Williams points out that the $500 million announced yesterday was not part of the original budget.

“We already had $750 in the budget for emergency situation so in total, once this budget is amended, it will bring our healthcare spending up to $1.25 billion.”

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– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom

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