Wigan Kebab and Smack barm pey wet

One thing I’ve always found really interesting about language is the way different people who live relatively close to each other can use a language in completely different ways.
I suppose that extends past more than just language too. Food, tradition, culture in general. If left to exist and manifest over a long enough period of time, you end up with microcosms of culture which are unrecognizable from their neighbours with origins at the same divergent point.

That’s a lot of wax philosophical without actually saying anything, Robert. What exactly are you talking about and what’s brought this on?

Well dear reader, it’s this video right here:

This video to me is equal parts delightful and confusing. It feels weirdly wholesome but also it’s very very strange.

Even myself who knows one or two things about British culture because of my household and upbringing, I’m honestly at a bit of a loss for words here. This video is so strange on so many levels and it’s a good example of the very niche bits of culture that dot the UK.  It’s like these dudes are speaking a completely different language.

I know people like to dunk on the north so I’m not gonna tease them. But it is strange and also oddly appetizing? I’m hungry after watching it…

In case you didn’t understand a single word out of these lad’s mouth, here’s a translation of the events: Man went to a takeout place to order some local specials, started with a Wigan Kebab, a local dish which is not even closely related to what anyone would call a kebab. It’s actually just an entire meat pie between 2 slices of buttered bread. Fair enough I guess? Maybe stops the filling from falling out?
After that he eats Smack Barm Pey Wet. Which is a sandwich of deep fried potato, salt and vinegar, and pey wet, which is the water that comes off mushy peas.
And then after that he eats a babby;s yed, which is a small pie (pudding? Can’t tell if there’s anything in there), served with gravy and is called that because it looks like the inside of a baby’s head. Kind of morbid but okay.