Watch: The Sun Sneeze Gene


Although if I’m being honest I’ve actually had all the validation I needed since I first googled this phenomenon a couple years ago, but the Wikipedia article is pretty dry and not very shareable.

So instead check out this video on the same subject! The Sun Sneeze

I’ve always sun sneezed. I don’t think I noticed it was happening until I was about 13, but once I noticed it bothered me a lot. Feels like a tax for just going outside. Every morning on my way to the bus stop for school, I’d open the front door, walk down my two steps, sneeze, then keep walking.

After finding out in this video that it’s actually genetic, I polled my family. Dad has it, but my Mom and sister don’t. Which further proves my point that Katherine is adopted.

So rise up sun sneezers! We’re allergic to the sun and we’re proud of it!