Viersen says now is not the time to increase carbon tax, and MP salaries

Peace River-Westlock MP, Arnold Viersen is standing with a conservative colleague in saying the raising of the carbon tax should be delayed.

Edmonton area MP, Tim Uppal released a statement calling on the liberal government to scrap any planned carbon tax hikes.

The tax increased 50 percent to $30 a ton on April 1.

“Too many Canadians are already worried about how they will pay their rent this month or put food on their tables.  The last thing they need is a 50 percent increase to the Liberal Carbon Tax, which will only further increase the cost of gas, groceries and home heating. Nurses and doctors driving into work every day to keep Canadians healthy and safe shouldn’t have to pay more for gas because of the Liberal Carbon Tax increase.  Neither should truck drivers, moving essential supplies like food and medicine across the country, or other essential service workers,” says Uppal in his statement.

In a recent press conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that most Canadians will receive a rebate greater than what they pay into the tax.

Viersen says he is not entirely surprised by the government’s lack of action.

“We have been saying to stall that (tax increase) for the foreseeable future and so far, that has fallen on deaf ears,” says Viersen.

Viersen also commented on a pay increase for members of parliament that came into effect the same day as the carbon tax hike.

“It is an automatic increase, and we have been saying that the government should put forward legislation to change this,” mentions Viersen.

“In 2008 during the economic crisis, (former Prime Minister) Stephen Harper did a wage freeze and I would happily support something like that.”

Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer and Trudeau announced they would donate their raises to charity.

Viersen also says he is thankful for the hard work of our healthcare workers, the truck drivers who are helping keep grocery store shelves stocked, and wanted to wish farmers all the best as they prepare for the crop season.

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom