Trying to Giving Up Soda

Recently I decided to try and see how long I could go without consuming any soda/pop, more for my desire to lose weight, and so far I am just about at two weeks. Growing up my weight fluctuated but usually when hockey season came around the I was back to being healthy and “smaller.” About 6 years ago for work I was living out of a motel in a small Manitoba town for 16 months making quite a bit of money, and with only a microwave and a mini fridge I tended to have to eat out often, while not working to physical of a job causing me to gain a lot of weight. Since then I have slimmed down a bit but not nearly enough, and one thing myself and others noticed was I tend to drink a lot of soda/pop, and seeing how cutting that out while adding more physical activities will help me out. It has been tough not to consume any since mainly all I have drank was water, but I have had some juice and the occasional iced tea, knowing those aren’t much better if at all just for a change and some flavour. This will be interesting to see how long I can last without drinking any soda/pop, but in hindsight it is an experiment I should have tried 5 years ago when I returned home to continue my studies.