Town of Manning dealing with dangerous dogs

The Town of Manning council has decided to remove some dangerous dogs from the municipality.

The decision was made after the owners, failed to register 3 dogs after a deadly encounter with another dog.

After the incident, the dogs were declared dangerous, a ruling was made that they were supposed to be caged and registered or else the dogs would be relocated.

Chief Administrative Officer David Alderdice says the concern to the town lays more with the cost of the relocation as it will take about 4 months to have it resolved.

Alderdice says he hand delivered a warning to the owners and nothing was done.

Councilor Hutchison was one of many councilors who have heard the ordeal and made a motion to support Alderdice’s request to move the dogs from the premises and cover the cost with the town’s funds.

-Jane Jai, Trending 55 Newsroom

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