Town of High Prairie council hosts delegation meeting about beekeeping

On January 28th, the town of High Prairie had a presentation from Crystal Sturgeon in regards to beekeeping— as well as hen keeping— in the town of High Prairie. The presentation was on keeping within the town, rather than only rural areas. Included in the presentation was a beekeeping guideline from Grande Prairie, as well as bylaws from Edmonton.

High Prairie Mayor, Brian Panasiuk, states that the importance of beekeeping in the area is acknowledged.

“Well, we have a lot of beekeepers in there the county and in the rural areas. We haven’t had any request to to keep bees in the town before. So, that’s new.”

Due to the locality of beekeeping within the town, the Panasuik says they ‘want to really look at it’ before moving forward with anything substantial.

“We have a by-law committee that’s going to re-look at it— look at the pros and cons— and go from there so we didn’t make any decisions based on the delegation, but we’re going to re-look at it and go from there.”

Panasuik says the town will talk with other municipalities about their policies on beekeeping as well.

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom