Town of Fairview partners with Municipal District of Fairview to launch Regional Economic Growth project

On July 13th, the Town of Fairview announced their partnership with the Municipal District of Fairview to collaborate on a new Regional Economic Growth project. The project, named ‘Thrive835’, plans to ” identify local business opportunities that will increase economic growth and prosperity in the Fairview region”.

Daryl Greenhill, CAO for the town of Fairview states that Thrive835 will be the ‘social media background’ behind the project. The project is led by a independent consultant hired by the town, Deb Kalyn.

“The purpose of this project is to determine the spending habits of local residents,” stated Greenhill, “including spending on what types of products and where money is being spent, such as locally, in other communities, or online. This information will then be utilized to develop a strategy to determine local opportunities that can attract business to the area. We ask our residents of the M. D. and Fairview to participate in all the surveys and communication requests so that our consultant can gather as much information as possible to determine the best course of moving things forward economically.”

The people who would be looking over those surveys would be ‘a committed group of stakeholders, including members of the community and representatives from the Town of Fairview, the Municipal District #136, the Heart of the Peace Economic Development Committee, and the Fairview and District Chamber of Commerce’ according to a press release. They are stated to review information collected via surveys, business visitations, or ‘other relevant reports’.

The project began on July 10th, and will be ending on November 30th, with a final draft of the plan to be delivered some time in December.

“The next step, what we would do is we determine there is a specific market for [example], maple syrup, is then we would create a business plan around that. So that would be our next step; a detailed business plan so that way someone who is interested in doing that can actually hear a detailed business plan of how you would start a maple syrup business.”

Thrive835 is stated to affect both citizens of the municipality, and citizens of Fairview.

A link to the project’s website is available here. A link to the project’s Facebook page is available here.

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom