Town of Beaverlodge limiting in-person town office interactions

Beginning today, the Town of Beaverlodge will be adjusting the public’s access to the town office. In an attempt to secure the safety of town employees, the Beaverlodge town office will only allow those who have an appointment with the office to enter. The town encourages businesses and residents to talk to the town via phone or through email.

The town states that municipal services will continue to be provided, and that council chambers are still open for regular council meetings— however, strict hygeine protocols will be place.

The current facilities still closed to the public include; Beaverlodge Public Library, Beaverlodge Recreation Facility, Public Works Shop, Water Treatment Plant, and FCSS programs.

The town states that there will be no disruption to essential services, with the water treatment plant remaining operational. There will not be any disruption to public services either.

To contact the Town of Beaverlodge’s Town Office, call 780-354-2201 or email

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom

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