Tim Horton’s Athlete Of The Month: Mykenzi Lund

Our Tim Horton’s Athlete of the Month for November is Mykenzi Lund.

She’s a volleyball player who goes to Worsley Central School, but she plays on the volleyball team at Hines Creek Composite because there’s not enough players at Worsley to have a female volleyball team.

“My teammates would describe me as encouraging. I have good sportsmanship, I don’t tend to get mad or anything.”

Lund says good study habits help her succeed in the classroom as well.

“I sometimes get homework done when I’m on my way to practices and whenever else I get a chance.”

In addition to playing volleyball, Lund also plays basketball and softball as well.

Congrats Mykenzi, and best of luck this season.

-Kyle Moore, Trending 55 Newsroom