The NES Classic Is Being Released This Year

With the success of Pokemon Go bringing in $14 million for Nintendo, they’ve definitely gotten some marketing ideas from the success.

Apparently it’s really cool to be retro now, and Nintendo is planning to take full advantage. They announced yesterday they’ll be releasing the NES Classic–A compact version of the original 80’s Nintendo with 30 built in games ready to go and don’t worry… you don’t need a tube TV to play it–it’ll come with an HDMI cable thankfully.

Here’s a list of the 30 games you can play:

  • Balloon Fight
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Castlevania
  • Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge
  • Dr. Mario
  • Excitebike
  • Final Fantasy
  • Galaga
  • Ghosts ‘n Goblins
  • Gradius
  • Ice Climber
  • Kid Icarus
  • Kirby’s Adventure
  • Mario Bros.
  • Mega Man 2
  • Metroid
  • ​Ninja Gaiden
  • Pac-Man
  • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
  • StarTropics
  • Super C
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Tecmo Bowl
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


The NES Classic is hitting Canadian stores November 11th at a price of $79.99.