The Moment That Had Me Using the Punching Bag

So this past weekend while self isolating, I was re-watching kids react videos, the ones that have them reacting to classic rock and metal music. Why those ones well it is funny to see their reactions as well as I do get curious to how they feel about old school topics, but one response mad me lose my mind. It was during the Do Kids Know Beatles Songs video where the they played them a song from 1967, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” when this girl said the most ignorant thing possibly ever … “This is so auto-tuned.” In the prior song she had already stated One Direction was better, which given he age is understandable but to say 30 years before auto-tune even existed that The Beatles used it, when One Direction uses it drove me nuts. It also didn’t help that after “Hey Jude” she questioned that it was an all-time great song because of all the amazing music today, I usually joke about fearing for the future of mankind but this time I mean it. I do not condone hitting kids, but somebody needs to hit that girl with some serious knowledge.

This caused me to finally inflate my inflatable punching bag and take out frustrations on that for a few minutes.