The Disaster of the NFL Preseason Game in Winnipeg

Last night the NFL hosted a preseason game north of their border in Winnipeg between the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders, that turned into a disaster. Now the field at Investors Group is usually set for the CFL sized field which is 110 yards long, 65 yards wide plus 20 yard end zones, whereas the NFL sized fields are narrower and only 100 yards long with 10 yard end zones, which meant the uprights had to be moved. The uprights being moved led to having to fill in the holes which weren’t done properly, so they ended up having to shorten the field to 80 yards long for player safety. This is on top of the fact they were promised to see the stars hit the field in the game, but that never happened as Aaron Rodgers sat out with back issues, but healthy stars like Antonio Brown and Derek Carr made the trip but stood on the sidelines never taking a snap. This was preseason game 3 which is normally the when the stars would play as they sit out the final preseason game to avoid injury before the start of the season. This was not a good thing to happen for any NFL games whether preseason or regular season to be played here in Canada following the disastrous Bills experiment in Toronto years back when they priced themselves out of the market. The NFL has been trying to expand having games over in the UK, Mexico and looking to grow the brand. Now there are plenty of NFL fans in Canada but sadly this avoidable disaster is not a good look on the league, Winnipeg or the country. The idea of games being played in Canada once a year isn’t a bad one as long as it is regular season, teams that fans would care about and the league doesn’t overcharge like they did in Toronto years ago. Hopefully this isn’t the last time the NFL tries out Canada again in the near future.