Terminator: Dark Fate Review – Spoiler Free

Terminator: Dark Fate brings back legendary Jim Cameron back on board as a producer  as well as writer, and man does it make a difference in the quality of the film. Terminator Dark Fate erases the last 3 films and acts as a direct sequel to T2: Judgement Day, much like the latest Halloween movie did with it’s franchise. After the event of Judgment Day, I found myself wondering how they would bring back Arnold’s T-800, and after getting rid of Skynet preventing the war, how would this come about again with terminators, and those questions were greatly answered.

The positives of the films lies within the action and the acting from some of it’s stars. In terms of acting most notably the biggest star is Linda Hamilton which after a 28 year absence from the franchise, comes back and didn’t miss a beat, also Arnold Schwarzenegger back as a T-800 “Model 101,” was superb as he always is in that role. The chemistry between Hamilton and Schwarzenegger is undeniable even after 28 years since the last project together, and is a highlight for the film. The old guard out did the new guard but they weren’t slouches as Mackenzie Davis held her own in the ring with the legends as Grace, the one sent back to protect someone. The action was on point as you would expect, with much of that coming from Davis’ character along side Gabriel Luna, who plays a Rev-9 with some interesting new advancements from similar Terminators sent back in time. The two duke it out throughout the film and provide solid fight choreography. The sequences are well done, with great effects you would expect from a Cameron film, as well as a Tim Miller directed one.

The negatives come with the main story as it is very derivative of the others films in the franchise, and Natalia Reyes as Dani Ramos. Unfortunately Reyes isn’t a believable character to continue the franchise if they decide to go that route. The movie doesn’t make the strides to be a classic, and is a distant 3rd in the franchise behind the first 2 films. The movie has it’s fair share of twists and turns but ultimately lacks the emotion that Judgement Day gave us. Dark Fate doesn’t forge that strong emotional bond between Grace and Dani, like we saw with John and “Uncle Bob” (T-800).

In the end Terminator: Dark Fate does it’s job as a movie in distracting us from the outside world, and once again brings the idea of artificial intelligence being something we should keep our eye on and maybe hold back from, back to the forefront. It appears that the success of Terminator as a solid movie either stems from Linda Hamilton or James Cameron’s involvements in the project, as both out did themselves again after 28 years away from the iconic franchise. The movie holds ups, and is one I think is worth a watch at your local cinema, plus movies like this are best enjoyed in the cinema setting much like a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

Final Verdict: 7/10.