Schweitzer fires back at AFL on the latest edition of the Hot Seat

Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation, and River Country/KIX FM baseball insider takes his weekly turn on the Trending 55 Hot Seat. We covered many topics including:

  • On the Alberta Federation of Labour’s call for Albertans to boycott businesses that donated to the UCP before the last election. “If anybody decided with common sense that this is a good idea, I do not know what goes through your mind to think that this s a good idea. They need to stop these childish antics now! This is why we are providing union members with the right to choose where their dues go.”


  • On why Alberta is the ideal place to develop hydrogen energy. “We have the experts, we have the chemicals, the engineers, the geo folks. We are the place to come to if you want to develop hydrogen internationally. Our ability to do blue hydrogen with natural gas, our carbon capture and storage and all the research and intellectual capital we have, this is a logical place to be.”


  • On interest from international venture capitalists showing interest in investing in Alberta. “It’s on a daily basis that we are meeting with investors, venture capital groups. You know what? Alberta is on the map. Not too long ago people only saw us as a one-trick-pony that was just oil and gas – don’t get me wrong, oil and gas is a foundational element of our society – there is so much more people are starting to see about Alberta from agriculture technology to forestry technology.”

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom


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