Province says infrastructure projects at Peace River Correctional Centre are underway

The Government of Alberta is spending some dollars which will keep 71 people working.

Infrastructure Minister, Prasad Panda made the announcement today.

“Our government is injecting more than $12.7 million into the Peace River economy to tackle the recession brought on by COVID-19,” says Panda.

“Taking care of our provincial assets is important at the best of times, but never has it been so critical at a local level. We’re ensuring much-needed jobs and economic benefits are being pumped directly into Alberta’s smaller communities.”

Peace River MLA, Dan Williams says this announcement is wonderful news for the Town of Peace River’s local economy.

“This is an important investment and opportunity for Peace River. We’re keeping local companies operating and people working at a difficult time,” states Williams.

“We’re keeping our commitment to focus on jobs and the economy.”

Below is a list of construction updates:

    • Construction is more than 90 percent complete on the $7.5-million project to replace the correctional centre’s main building heating system, upgrade security systems and replace exterior concrete at entrances.
    • Construction is more than halfway complete on the $450,000 project to replace the vocation shop roof at the Peace River Correctional Centre.
    • Construction is underway on the $600,000 project to ensure water quality by connecting the correctional centre’s water system to the Town of Peace River’s system.
    • Construction is underway on the $3.1-million project to replace the provincial building’s management control system, window glass, gaskets and caulking.
    • Construction is almost complete on an $800,000 courthouse project modernizing elevator components to enhance barrier-free access.
    • Design is underway on a $219,000 courthouse project to enhance fire safety systems.

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom