Peace River Westlock MP Arnold Viersen responds to recent COVID-19 related news

On March 13th, parliament— the House of Commons— closed due to COVID-19 fears right after passing the new NAFTA (the USMCA).

Arnold Viersen, MP Peace River Westlock, stated that whenever parliament is back up and running, the conservatives are ready to pass some budget measures. However, he’s never quite seen anything like this pandemic before.

“We’re in uncharted territory, from my perspective for sure, and I would say in the perspective of Canada in general.”

On March 18th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an announcement that he would be investing $82 billion in the Canadian economy, with $27 billion going to direct support and $55 billion to help business liquidity.

“We’re going to wait to see how the ball rolls out and get some final details on it, but so far it’s looking like something we can work with.”

Viersen stated that he did have concerns, though.

“The only concern that we do have is around some of the agricultural worker programs. So, many of bee farmers in the Peace Country are concerned about if they’ll be able to get their seasonal agricultural workers in. So, I’ve been communicating with the minister on that, if they can get that exception in there. Currently, no travel into Canada unless you’re a Canadian citizen, we’re looking for exemptions for that for the agricultural workers program.”

The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program allows Canadian residents to hire temporary foreign workers when Canadians or permanent residents are not available.

More information about the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program is available on the Government of Canada’s website.

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom