Peace River Salvation Army seeing less clientele possibly due to misinformation

Despite fears of the pandemic, the Peace River Salvation Army has remained open for donations and for people to use. However, the charity has been seeing less clientele than usual. However, donations have been ‘awesome’.

“With [the Peace River] Rotaract and all those other guys kicking in, [the charity is] standing pretty good right now,” said Margharet Davie, who spoke on behalf of the foodbank.

Davie stated there had been misconceptions in regards to people thinking the foodbank being closed, however she explained, that was not the case.

“I mean if people actually have the money to buy their own food that great, but I think a lot of misconception is that they think we are closed, because they said everything was closed down from March on, and we’re essential service. We have been opened— I have never been closed— we’ve been same hours all along.”

The foodbank is still asking for food for clientele, but with less clientele that means food that is already there may expire before anyone who needs it has a chance to get it. Davie stated that she’d prefer to have people come in so they would not have to throw things out and waste food.

The foodbank is open on Tuesday and Thursday for food donations, with Monday through Friday being open for any other donations. Alternative donations that are requested are things such as ‘stuff new moms would need’; baby formula, diapers, cleaning supplies, and laundry supplies.

To contact the foodbank, call (780) 624-2370.

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom

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