Out on the Town was Out of This World

Last night was the Out on the Town stop at the Belle Petroleum Centre here in Peace River, which saw Aaron Pritchett, Kira Isabella and David James grace the stage. This was the first time I got the chance to emcee or in this case co-emcee an event and safe to say I made a few mistakes but recovered fine, but enough about that. David James opened the show playing a collection of his songs including his newest single “All the Time,” and “Cars, Girls & the Radio.” David was great I have to be found be the cause after seeing him a few times now. Aaron was next to hit the stage performing countless of his classics opening with “Let’s Get Rowdy” which the crowd happily obliged. Half way through his set he brought up the special guest Kira Isabella in which she performed 3 songs solo which were her potential next single “Holiday,” her current single “Soon,” and “Little Girl”, as well she performed Bryan Adams and Mel C’s “When Your Gone,” with Aaron. Following the cover song Aaron would conclude his set playing songs like my personal favourite “Big Wheel” and “Dirt Road in ‘Em.” Before the encore could begin unfortunately Aaron’s mic had some issues, but once they were fixed he cranked out “Worth a Shot,” a melody of songs including some Backstreet Boys, the theme song to Friends, and some Spice Girls with some help from Kira. The final song was of course the one many showed up to see which was his iconic song “Hold My Beer” in which he was joined on stage by David and Kira to close out the show.

The show was great from start to finish, and Aaron proved why he has amassed so many awards and nominations over the year on stage, while David and Kira showed why they will be mainstays on the Canadian country music scene for some time. I only hope any of these three swing by the Peace region in the future.

Look for my interview with Aaron on Thanksgiving on River Country.

– Everett