Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Review

This is a movie fans are going to debate for a long time. I had heard mixed things on it before I got the chance to watch it this weekend. I went into it thinking that I wasn’t going to enjoy it…..I was very very wrong. I loved it, and it’s the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. One problem I have with it was how they marketed it as a sort of ensemble film, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a buddy movie with Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Every other big star attached to this film is more or less a glorified cameo. But that’s my only problem, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are on top of their game in this. With Pitt being the standout of the two, and I won’t be surprised if he gets an Oscar nom for best supporting actor. In closing, I loved the film, and will for sure go see it again 9.5/10