North Peace Stampede Was Kickin’

On Sunday for the first time in quite a few years I took in a rodeo, driving down to the Lac Cardinal Sporting Grounds for the North Peace Stampede. Being from the Greater Toronto Area I was familiar with things like bull riding, bronco busting, mutton busting and chuckwagon racing mainly from television and movies so it was a welcome experience to take it in live. Probably the thing that impressed me the most was the trick riding, going from thinking they must be doing flips while riding on the horse like an X-Games event to see what these talented young women were able to do, with the oldest one being at 16 years of age. Seeing the kids get out there and give it there all and to see some of them score big with professional judges was pretty cool to witness. It was amazing to see the community come together and have a great time supporting what these athletes do not to mention if things didn’t go well for the participant they still would give them a big round of applause as a show of appreciation. Safe to say you’ll see me at more rodeos next summer.