No Provincial Assistance Coming to Prevent Crop Disease

MACKENZIE COUNTY — The Mackenzie County Council’s request for financial assistance to the province to fight the spread of crop disease has been rejected.

The province states that there is not enough additional funding available to help the area combat the increasing spread of troublesome weeds and disease.  The county was asked to look at different options, which they are now considering.

Among the options to fight crop disease include carrying out advertising campaigns, vehicle inspections, and advocating for the creation of new provincial polices that would hold farmers to following specific guidelines for prevention.

The spread of crop disease has not yet hit Mackenzie County but nearby areas, like Northern Sunrise County, have been reported to be dealing with widespread crop problems.

These diseases can spread from the use of off-road equipment, which can cause infected mud to easily infiltrate nearby counties. The most susceptible crops seem to be that of peas, oats and canola, all of which are grown in the Mackenzie.

Farmers are being urged to follow the Best Management Practices as outlined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to ensure their crops are safe.

— Preston Hodgkinson, Trending 55

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