National Middle Child Day

That’s the name of today. What makes a child a “Middle Child” though. Most famlies don’t have too many kids, so if there’s 3, then the middle would be the second. But what about if you have 4 kids? Do you have 2 middle children, or is there a “most middle” child? My parents had 6, and I’ve come up with a set of theories.

Honestly there seems to be a bit of a hierarchy in most families. You’ve got the youngest child at the top getting the most attention from the parents, the oldest child getting the next most, having been the first born, and then after that the middle child. But if you were to follow this to it’s logical conclusion… Each child receives less and less love or attention from their parents than those older than them, with the exception of the youngest. So therefore my theory is that the “most middle” child isn’t in fact the one most middle in age or in order, but the one who came right before the youngest.

That said though, your experience might be totally different from mine, and that’s okay. I think that today is a day to celebrate all middle children, and to tell our siblings and children that we love them, no matter if they’re the oldest, youngest, middlest, or anything else.

Happy Middle Child Day from the Most Middle child of a family of 6!