Mackenzie County Reeve Josh Knelsen excited for new natural gas pipeline

Last week, Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Minister, Devin Dreeshen was in LaCrete to announce the construction of a new natural gas pipeline between Peace River and the Mackenzie County region town.

Mackenzie County Reeve, Josh Knelsen, said that the announcement of 50 new construction jobs in the area was ‘wonderful’.

“It couldn’t come at a better time, like the last several years we’ve experienced complete shortages where houses were completely cold. Which is terrible. That being said it’s not just houses, we can’t bring in industry because of the storage of natural gas. There’s farmers that can’t hook up grain dryers, or those that are hooked there’s heavy restrictions. So it’s high time, and it’s it’s very good news saying and we couldn’t be happier to to hear that.”

Knelsen says that places like Fort Vermilion haven’t many issues with shortages, but places like La Crete and the southern end of the county have had problems.

“But everybody else pays the price because of it, because they’re asked to restrict their usage. Schools, even the hospital last year, was put on propane just to make sure it didn’t freeze up. And there were numerous homes that completely froze up because the lack of the gas running up.”

Knelsen states that their ‘First Nations neighbors’, the Tallcree First Nation, are running on diesel furnaces, which he says is a less than ideal situation.

“This [pipe]line will provide an opportunity for them to tie into it as well, I’m assuming.”

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom