Keeping A Grocery Store Lobster As A Pet

I think basically everyone has thought about this at some point in their lives. Mostly as children, but I’ll admit the feeling never really left me personally. I see those crabs and lobsters in the tanks at the supermarket and I’m like… I could rescue them.
Obviously they’re not there to be rescued. They’re there to be eaten. But they just look like they wouldn’t be so bad to be around right? They’re already being kept in those crowded lil aquariums, why not just take that home? Same thing right?

Maybe someday if I become a middle aged person with lots of disposable income, I’ll get a tank big enough to make this dream a reality, but until now, I’m just gonna live vicariously through Leon the lobster

One problem with keeping a lobster as a pet, is that they’re basically immortal. The ones you see at the store are probably about 5-6 years old based on their size, but did you know lobsters can live to be over 100!!
Since they probably aren’t going to get eaten in captivity (unless you’re a monster), these lil armoured crustaceans are gonna be a responsibility for quite a bit. So think about the commitment before you try it! Keeping any kinda pet is a lot of work, and I don’t want to hear about any lobsters roaming around the Peace River

– Robert Hill