Justin Moore — New Album — Track List

Justin Moore’s 4th studio album is set to drop on August 12th.

Here’s the full track list for “Kinda Don’t Care”:

  1. Robbin’ Trains
  2. Put Me In A Box
  3. Kinda Don’t Care
  4. Hell On A Highway
  5. Goodbye Back
  6. You Look Like I Need A Drink
  7. Somebody Else Will
  8. Between You And Me
  9. Got It Good
  10. Rebel Kids
  11. More Middle Fingers
  12. Life In The Livin’

The Deluxe album includes:

  1. Middle Class Money
  2. Pick Up Lines
  3. Spendin’ The Night
  4. When I Get Home
  5. Amen

You can read more –> HERE