Joker Review

Tonight I took in the highly anticipated Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Arthur Fleck/Joker. The movie is not a comic book/superhero action movie by any stretch of the imagination using some characters like the Wayne family as the sole real connection, and is truly a psychological thriller. Joker examines the transformation of a man who would became one of the most well known villains while showing the effects of mental illness in an all but too realistic environment. The psychological thriller does something no comic books movie has ever done and actually looks at the development of the villain as more than just an “accident” that turned them into something bad or evil.  Joaquin Phoenix is the star of the show with no one coming close to stealing focus away from his incredible acting. This is the role that I believe will bring Phoenix his first Academy Award and at least a best picture nomination but may not walk away it. The theater has it rated at 14A but at times that it should be higher. The movie will have you guessing what is real and what is not through out the transformation and a twist ending. I give it 9/10 and I recommend you give it watch for yourself.