How to train your cat (Apparently it’s possible)

I have three cats. That means that I have three litter boxes. Similar to every human being on the Earth, I hate cleaning litter boxes. I have heard there is a better way.

One morning I was getting ready for work, in the bathroom shaving. As I looked into the mirror, I heard someone piddling into the toilet beside me. I continued looking into the toilet thinking, “I am the only one in the bathroom.” Looking over, I saw my cat calmly using the toilet. He looked at me with that “Do you mind” look that cats have mastered over the centuries. Then he hopped down and left the room as though nothing unusual had happened. He never did it again.

So, cats can use the john but how do you get them to do it every time? While cruising the internet, I came across an article by jazz great Charles Mingus. It is a step by step guide to getting kitty to use the biffy.


Here is the link 

Good luck and let me know how it works!