How to defeat the Immortal Snail

Have you ever heard this hypothetical?

You and a snail both get 1 million dollars and become immortal. The only catch is, if the snail touches you, you instantly die. The snail always knows where you are and slowly, inexorably, makes it’s way towards you. What’s your plan?

It’s a fun little hypothetical because unlike a lot of them, it isn’t actually very difficult. It’s just an excuse to come up with some creative solutions, and think about things in absurdly long scales of time. Sure you can just encase the snail in some cement and drop it in the Mariana’s trench, but EVENTUALLY, it’ll still get out. And after 300 whatever years, you’re going to have let your guard down. Then what? Death. So what would you do?

I liked this video on the topic. Seems like she’s thought about this a bit more than me, and also had more fun with it.