How I Avoided Endgame Spoilers for 3 Weeks (minor spoilers included)

It took me a while to get to Avengers Endgame. The idea of going to a 3 hour movie with the worst head-cold ever didn’t seem great to me. But man is it hard to avoid people spoiling what happens when you use the internet for work.

Thankfully only minor things had been spoiled for me; Thor letting himself go and something about time-travel got through my fortress of covering my ears and yelling ‘la la la’.

It was enough to get me to the movies faster before someone just typed the whole story beat for beat on Facebook.

My paranoia got so bad I even dreamed about getting spoiled. Having someone tell me they cried at ‘what if Captain America can’t get back to the space boosters in time?’ My brain was making up stupid stuff for me to get mad at.

Wasn’t as hard as it seems to keep the chatter out. I stayed off my personal twitter and Pinterest, because weirdly that’s where I stepped on a spoiler for Infinity War last year.

It is getting pretty crazy with Marvel now, you can’t even fall behind a few weeks without getting ruined by the next movie trailer (darn it Spider-man). Is it getting to be too much? Do you think it’s going to slow down since the Infinity Saga’s ended?