Hinshaw says not enough evidence on recovered cases to suggest potential COVID-19 treatments

As of Monday, April 6, Alberta Health Services can confirm 279 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

However, according to Alberta’ Chief Medical Officer of Health, there is not enough information on those cases to suggest potential treatments.

The Trending 55 Newsroom asked Doctor Deena Hinshaw if AHS has any information about recoveries that could lead to a potential vaccine or medication to combat the virus.

“It is too soon to tell,” says Hinshaw. “The majority of those recovered cases are those who were at home who had a mild illness and recovered on their own.”

Hinshaw also mentioned that while medical professionals are studying different methods for treatment, it is still early on in the process.

“There are lots of ideas and suggestions about what kind of medications or treatments might help people with COVID-19,” explains Hinshaw. “But, if we don’t study them in structured way, then we don’t have that opportunity to gain that knowledge, so it is too early to say.”

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom