High Level Mayor Looks Back On Fire Evacuations

High Level Mayor Crystal McAteer says it still feels like yesterday when the Town had to be evacuated after the Chuckegg Creek fire.

McAteer says in the year that has passed since that took place, they’ve paid closer attention to some of the smaller fires that have happened in the region.

“We’re still keeping very vigilant about monitoring it. A lot of people think that the snow gets rid of it, but actually the snow acts as a blanket for it and a lot of times when it’s disturbed, then it comes up from the peak and off it goes again.”

McAteer adds that they began planning for this year’s wildfire season as early as February.

“We were planning for what to do if two of the three in the trifecta (COVID, flooding, fires) affected our community, so we started planning on that right away.”

McAteer says they were planning to bring people who helped with the evacuation to the community so that people could meet with them, but instead they started a virtual presentation that’s currently ongoing at the museum.

– Kyle Moore, Trending 55 Newsroom