High Level Fire Hall closes to public

The High Level Fire Hall has closed to public access, as part of the Town of High Level’s pandemic plan.

The town is currently in part two of their four part plan, and that part of the plan includes restriction of access to the hall to the public.

““We have cancelled tours by public groups and are complying with provincial guidelines of physical distancing, it’s also for the protection of our first responders to ensure we are still able to provide the services.” Stated Rodney Schmidt, Director of Protective Services and Fire Chief.

There are currently no known cases of COVID-19 in the High Level area. The town ensures residents that the closure of the fire hall is part of the normal pandemic response plan, and doesn’t indicate an escalating situation.

Those who absolutely need to contact the firehall for can do so at 780-926-2033, or, for emergency purposes, by dialing 911.

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom

–With information provided by the Town of High Level

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