Government unveils three school re-entry scenarios; plans to make final decision by August 1

Education Minister, Adriana LaGrange says there is a possibility students between kindergarten to grade 12 could return to classes.

LaGrange revealed three scenarios:

  1. In-school classes resume with near-normal operations and public health measures in place
  2. A partial resumption of classes with additional health rules in place
  3. In-class schooling is cancelled and home learning continues.

The minister stated that the government will announce which scenario gets the green light on August 1.

She also mentioned the pandemic will be the deciding factor on which scenario the government chooses, and that there may be different rules for different parts of the province.

“How we return to in-class learning may vary by region,” says LaGrange.

“It will depend on the number of COVID-19 cases in that area.”

The minister also stressed that the decision for which scenario must be followed will be made by the government based on public health guidelines, and not local school authorities.

“School authorities will not be able to pick and choose the scenario they are operating in,” states LaGrange.

The minister did say that local school boards and divisions will have the freedom on how they operate under a given scenario.

Click here for more information on each scenario.

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom