Federal Election Campaigning is Underway: It’s Already Mud Filled

On October 21st we all go to the ballot box to cast a vote to elect our Members of Parliament or MPs, and indirectly vote for who will lead our country. The leaders of the main federal parties are the current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau (Liberal), Andrew Sheer (Conservative), Jagmeet Singh (NDP), Elizabeth May (Green). The main four parties will have candidates in the majority of the 338 ridings across the country. It was on September 11th that Justin Trudeau sought permission from the Governor General to dissolve parliament in order to start a 40 campaigning period towards the fixed election date of October 21, 2019.

Politics is known to be a dirty profession, with a lot of metaphorical mud slinging, especially during campaigns, and not only a week and a half into the campaigns and the mud is flying in every which direction. Candidates high profile and not, from every party have been accused of racism, improper use of likeness among other things with skeletons from the past plaguing even leaders of the parties. It’s only been 10 days, with 30 remaining and this is not to mention the big attack ads on television have yet to even really begin to air.

I think this is why people do not like or trust politics around the world, and people need to overcome this aspect of politics regardless of political leaning or preference. We can only hope as citizens that those who we elect are the right people for the job.