Fairview Airport taking precautions with COVID-19

The Fairview Municipal Airport is still in operation despite the global pandemic, but is taking steps to keep their facilities safe for users. There are not any flight restrictions in response to COVID-19, but users of the airport are asked to comply with public health guidelines.

The MD of Fairview operates the airport and municipal staff are only on site at specific times. In response to the coronavirus, the MD of Fairview has increased the weekly janitorial tasks to include more sanitization as well as having municipal staff completing additional cleaning on a daily basis.

The airport is keeping in contact with the Northern Zone Emergency Operation Centre to inform them of the continued availability for STARS Air Ambulance and fixed-wing aircraft medivac services. The MD of Fairview would also alert the Northern Zone Emergency Operation Centre if any issues occur that may affect the operation of emergency services.

-Erika Rolling, Trending 55 Newsroom

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