Does Venus have life?

So Astronomers have detected a gas on Venus which they don’t yet have an explanation as to how it could have gotten there. Which is interesting because it suggests the possibility that there might be organic life of some kind on Venus. Now that in and of itself is pretty surprising as well because of a few different reasons.

First of all, you know how like sometimes it rains on Earth? And like how our rain is made of water? Well it rains on Venus too, except there, it rains sulfuric acid. Also the surface temperatures of Venus are about… 470 degrees Celsius. Now I understand that Life uh, finds a way, but… Venus? Something tells me we’re missing some crucial piece of the puzzle, and we’re going to be reading in a few weeks about how scientists discovered an inorganic process which produces Phosphine. Either that, or we should definitely be terrified of whatever kind of life can survive those conditions.

Either way, the next few weeks are definitely going to be exciting in the world of astronomy!