Doctor Sleep Review

Last night I took in Doctor Sleep, which is a sequel to The Shining and I enjoyed it. Doctor Sleep is an interesting movie because the movie version of The Shining is vastly different than the book, so with Stephen King working closely on Doctor Sleep, they had to find ways to stay true to the book version of Doctor Sleep and keep the story fluent with what happened The Shinning movie. Ewan McGregor portrays the adult version of Dan Torrance, who after the events of the first movie has become an alcoholic to dim “the shine” and deal with his childhood trauma from the events hotel. Dan decides to clean up his act gets messages which are from a young girl Abra whose “shine” is massive, as they become friends over the years. Meanwhile a cult known as the True Knot, led by Rose the Hat (played brilliantly by Rebecca Ferguson), track down children with “shine,” kill them and steal “the shine” in order to stay young as well as live. When the True Knot discover Abra, Dan must protect her and help her get rid of the True Knot.

The movie is well done, with great acting  from the entire cast with Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Feruson’s work standing out above the rest. The story is one that the audience can connect with, which is not always easy with Stephen King works. The story of Dan spiraling down a dark path following the events of his childhood are much a reality for some, and how he tries to turn his life around is something many hope to do as well. While Doctor Sleep may not go down as memorable as The Shinning or the recent IT movies, it is one of the better King adaptations with it thrills, chills and moments of laughter.